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I76 RPG Links

Off the subject of my business for a minute... Im providing you with all the links you will need to get stuff for the I76 RPG. From this page you will find places that can sell you cars. There is the First Bank of South Texas, where you can get your RPG bank account. You can visit the Real Estate Agency, where you can purchase property from one of the official RPG maps. Its easy to see that the Interstate 76 RPG covers alot of stuff, so get out there and explore it!

Interstate 76 RPG Stuff

Texas Credit Union
Check you bank account, and buy your property. It's all here.
CIA - Centeral Intelligence Agency
The Cops HQ. Pay your tickets or visit the courthouse.
Kill's Killer Wheels
I will be selling Car's and ACCESSORIES and Other supplies for prices go to my page.
Henry's Weapon Sales
Weapons? How rude! :)

Captain Gram - School Superintendent
Valdes, Texas
United States