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Valdes Work Opportunities

We at Valdes like to think that we create a fun and relaxing work enviroment We provide the very best facilties and our funding is good, so classroom supplies are not a problem. We are looking for creative people who are well educated and love to be around children. If you think you meet the high standards that we demand of our faculty please, follow a link below to the appropriate posistion. Fill out the form and we will contact you in a few days.

Work Posistions

Bus Driver
Go here to sign up as a bus driver. Make sure you tell them you want to work for Valdes.
Sorry, all posistions full.
Sorry, all posistions full.
Front Office
Sorry, all posistions full.
Sorry, all posistions full.

GramsterI love all the little children, *Hey damnit! Shutup Johnny!*
Sgt. Nem-X?
Mr. AsesinoI deal free crack to the children in the bus when they're to noisy, it makes em' quiet!

Captain Gram - School Superintendent
Valdes, Texas
United States