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Valdes Campus

Hello, welcome to the beautifull Valdes school campus. Here we will show you the history of Valdes school and provide pictures of our wonderfull campus for you to look at. Valdes School System has 3 buildings. We have our elementry school, which was added in 1951. It takes care of grades kindergarden through six. Then in 1957 we added our high school, whice takes car of grades seven through twelve. And most recentelly (but still old) we built our school gym. It was built in 1964 and has a full basketball court, weight room, and indoor pool. In all we have 27 teachers working for us now and our student body totals 634 in attendence for the year of 1976.

Here you see the models for the school buildings while they were being constructed.

The models look nice, but lets move on to the real thing... These lovely pictures of the Valdes campus were taken by the photography class. And the ariel view, shot from a chopper, was taken by channel 4 news in their coverage of our school. You can tell from the pictures that we take pride in keeping our campus clean. The students that go here respect their school.

Captain Gram - School Superintendent
Valdes, Texas
United States