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School Memorial

This page is dedicated to the 25 students that died on the 5th of Febuary 1974. It was a clear, beautifull morning when this tragedy occured. To this day it's not certain what caused the crash, but brake malfuntions are what was thought to have caused the crash. One moment the bus was driving along and then... the brakes failed and the bus went over a cliff. When we ask ourselves why this had to happen, we search for answers despretally, but we find none. But we must remember that god has a plan for us all, and everything has a purpose. What happened that day was all part of a master plan, something bigger then all of us. And its something that we must accept. We can rest assured that the passengers all went to a better place, a place we hope to reach someday. And so, we light this eternal flame in rememberance to the 25 seniors and Mr. Bill, the bus driver. We will keep you in our hearts always.
Please remember parents, the bus in the accident was a much older model.
Since then Valdes has purchased much safer buses, find out about them here:Valdes Buses
These pictures were actually taken as the bus is falling. Also pics from the crash scene are provided by the sheriffs office.
This picture is the only picture that shows all of the students that died in the crash. It was taken by Mr. Bill a week before the accident.

Captain Gram - School Superintendent
Valdes, Texas
United States