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Valdes Buses

Hello parents and students. On this page you will find all you will ever want to know about our school buses. We want you to rest assured that our buses are the safest possible and that we care about your childs safety. If you are applying for a job as bus driver at this fine facility get yourself acquainted with the school bus here. We will provide a bus for you to drive if you choose to work with us.

Right side Front view

Back view Left side

Beauty shots

Bus Statistics

Here are some stats on the buses we drive at Valdes.

Engine: 595ci V-10

Suspension: EtherX Rally

Brakes: Aircraft Brakes

Wheels: 16 Inch Billets

Specials: Blower

          Curb Feelers

          X-Aust Brake

Chassis: 140 all the way around

As you can easily see, We provide the very best transportation possible.
Meaning your child will have a safe ride every day. Notice the aircraft
brakes, curb feelers, blower, 16 inch tires and EXTRA chassis. These
were all added in the intrest of the child, ensuring safety for them.
Because when it comes right down to it, its all about the children
right? Also, we only hire the most qualified bus drivers around.
Its just another way of saying how much we care about your child.

Captain Gram - School Superintendent
Valdes, Texas
United States