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Valdes School System

Hello, and welcome to the Valdes school system. This school provides service to the children that attend school in the Interstate 76 RPG. We offer classes from grades kindergarden through twelveth grade. Parents, please follow the links below to find out more about the education your child is receiving. Through the links you will find profiles on our teachers, more about our school buses and you can view our school grounds. We at Valdes feel that an excellent education is provided for your children, and we want you to feel comfortable with us as well. And please parents, the school is always willing to accept donations (which are tax deductable) and we would love to have more members for our P.T.A. (parent teacher association) If you are interested in finding work at our school, follow the work link below.

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Important Valdes Links

Valdes Buses
All the information on our school buses.
School Campus
View our beautiful campus.
Work Opportunities
Apply for a job now.
School Memorial
Pay your respects to those that died.
Interstate 76 RPG Stuff
Everything related to the RPG!

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Captain Gram-school superintendent
Valdes, Texas
United States