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Special   Car   Creation   Center

Welcome to the wonderfull world of the Specialty Car Creation Center. We 
provide cars that aren't normally available to Interstate 76 players.
These range from moth milk trucks to pet armadillos. There are many 
new cars available to buy, all at reasonable prices. So shop around a 
little, enjoy yourself. If there is anything you need, please don't 
hesitate to contact me. I am always open to price suggestions when you
are buying, but I will expect something in return... (nothing is free 
in life) Also check back often for incredible deals, I will be offering
weekly deals on cars in stock. 

            S.C.C.C owner - Captain Gram

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The Car Lot
Visit our showroom and strike a deal with me!
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Every single business in the RPG, plus some!

Please keep in mind this technology is experimential. This was not created with Hack 76. Trying to make these files yourself could result in psycial harm or you might even get kicked out of the RPG! So please don't try to duplicate these yourself. These vechicles are not hacked in any way, they were only extracted from the game files so that you may now drive them. Please don't change the files by adding armor, weapons, etc. If you are intrested in selling these cars, contact me. I do have a patent on them and I am the only authorized dealership.

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Captain Gram
Valdes, Texas
United States