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Specialty cars for sale!

Hey people, your not far away from owning your very own, specialty car!
All you have to do is pick out the car you want from below, fill out the
form and send it on in to me. Click on the car that you want to buy to go
to the form. As long as your bank account has the cash to support the
purchase, you'll be driving around (and picking up chicks) in no time
at all! So check out what I have to offer (you won't find these cars
anywhere else) Some great deals are offered every week, and this week
is no exception...

Bargin of the week: Grand Opening Special!!! Buy any 2 cars and get the
third car free. Unbelieveable Savings!!!

Now, this is one tough truck thats going to get the job done! It hauls just about everything (not just milk) and anyone who owns a buisness would be wise to have one. It's also a breeze to drive, with automatic gear shift and all the extras!

This is driving excitment in it's purest form. When you climb behind the wheel is this bad boy you know you've got something special. Rev the engine a little and you can just here the power this thing packs in it. It comes fully loaded at this low low price. Hurry while supplies last!

Exclusive Offer! The exact working replica of the infamous "auto vigilante/mechanic" Skeeter! Now you too can cruise in style, just like skeeter did. We at S.C.C.C know what the public wants, and you have overwhelmingly demanded more Skeeter. Well now you have it. For this great price, you get everything Skeeter has. Van includes, authentic tool set, working crane, and of course all the extra specials!

Rugged and powerfull, the Tank will get you through any situation. What it lacks in speed, it more then makes up for in weapons and armor. This is perfect for any cop looking to impress the chief. Imagine, you could be the first pig, er cop to own this beauty. What an impression you would make, crusing through the streets. And any vigilante will think twice before trying to run from this beast.

This is the low end flying machine. If your looking to save a little dough, but still want to fly, you can't go wrong with this. (I don't personally sell the choppers, my good friend 187 handles the sales)

This chopper offers exceptional handling and speed, and for only a slight price increase. It's sleek airodinamic design is what gives it such great control. And while it only carrys 1 weapon (DR rader missle turret) it is the clear choice for any top avaitor! (I don't personally sell the choppers, my good friend 187 handles the sales)

The school bus is offered for members of the Valdes School System for the incrediblly low price of free. Only Valdes School System members may drive a school bus.

A great car for anyone. This is just fun to drive. For Post Office workers and and Army personel, this is an essential vehicle! Great value with all the extra comforts.

Everything you need for one great price! You could live in this thing. Its got a little bunk and bathroom, perfect for the auto vigilante. And for this low prrice, it's a real steal!

Cop Shop

Here we have the cop car. Good handling, and a nice weapon setup make it a surefire way to bring down a vigilante. (sold only to law enforcement agents)

The "powerhouse" vehicle of the police force... Holds many weapons, has nice armor, and a decent top speed. With this baby your gonna rule the streets. (sold only to law enforcement agents)

Captain Gram
Valdes, Texas
United States