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Interstate   76   NEWS!

1/21/98  - Ok in just a few days, this news area will be no more... 
           Shock gasp!! Can it really be true? It's all right people
           I'm not leaving you without your news  :) I have joined
           a crack team of reporters, and any day now this site will
           transform into something much... nicer! So check back soon
           and you will find a brand new I76 news team. Also you might
           have noticed some slight changes on my page. I removed some
           animated pictures, so the page will load faster now. I also
           put in a random midi player (you should be hearing it as 
           you read this) It has about 20 midis in it, everytime you 
           check out my page, some fresh new music for you to listen to.

1/7/98   - Finally some news! :)  Vic Ferrari of Killer Wheels had the brilliant
           idea of making an I76' ICQ List. What it does is, any I76 player 
           that wants other players to be able to contact him can just ask
           Vic to add him to the list. Or you can get other peoples numbers
           from the list. Great thing for getting us all a little closer  :)
           Go check it out here: I76' ICQ List To get on the
           List, just click above and e-mail Vic.

11/19/97 - Finally, i'm back with some news! It's been awhile, i know 
           but there just hasn't been that much going on. Well I stumbled
           across a little gem called Vigilante 8. This top secret Activision
           product is being developed for the playstation console exclusively.
           If your lucky enough to own a playstation prepare yourself, 
           Vigilante 8 looks like a lot of fun! Taking the I'76 theme to the
           next level, Vigilante 8 is arena based, like the mega hit, Twisted
           Metal 1+2. Head over to my info area by clicking here,Vigilante 8
           It has news, movies, pictures and more!
             Also, some of you may have heard of Nitro, an I76 player who
           suposedly died a few weeks back. Well this was all a faked death
           for this sick individual in an attempt to recieve attention. If
           you posted the memorial to him on your site, please remove it.
           Nitro is a fraud!

10/6/97 - Recentelly, following the exposure of Drug Dealer, workers that
          helped in the creation of I76 have been posting on the I76 community
          message board. This has been met by huge intrest in the I76 players.
          The Activision people claimed they had not known about the message
          board, and would be posting there more often. Players are now able
          to suggest stuff for the sequals to the Activision employees.
          This level of interactment with the game creators is a welcome
          change, and brings about new intrest in I76 and upcoming titles.

9/15/97 - Drug Dealer Busted! 
           Drug Dealer, famous in the I76 community for claiming he worked
          at Activision, was caught today in his own lie! Apperantelly, the
          man at Activision responsible for designing the cars, that Drug
          Dealer said he created, stepped foward and exposed Drug Dealer.
          Upon learning this info, the [DV] gang, of which Drug Dealer was
          currentelly a member in, kicked him out. All his friends abandoned
          him, and he has been shunned by everyone in I76. He tried to explain
          his actions, but they were met by deaf ears. He stated that he would
          continue playing I76 under a different name. If you learn of this
          new name, please contact me.

8/29/97 - Amazing! World Of Interstate 76 is growing like a wildfire!
          Today I've added a chat room, just another way to make your
          stop at my page more pleasurable. Try it out, tell me what 
          you think etc. Its at: World Of Interstate 76 Chat
          Not much happening in the I76 community right now, just the
          normal games being played and so on.

8/28/97 - Ok, I've been working hard for the past few days and I have 
          completed my small contribution to the Interstate 76 RPG. Those
          of you that dont know what the I76 RPG is should head over to
          The I76 RPG Web Site. It's only joined last week, but I have
          allready had alot of fun. I strongly recomend that you check 
          it out! But talking about what I have done... I slaved away for
          2 days to make a cool web site for my buisness in the I76 RPG.
          I created the Valdes School System, to provide transport for all
          the kids in the RPG. It may sounds dull but its really
          entertaining! Take a look at: The Valdes School System.

8/26/97 - Well I used to have a message board, but It was costly so I
          discontinued it. But now I have brought it back, because I 
          found a place that gives them out for free! So if there is 
          something you want to say...head over to my board. Check it
          out here:World Of I76 Board

8/25/97 - Ok, I have thought about adding a news section for a long 
          time and truth be told, I was a little scared to :) But I 
          will give it a shot! Anyway I just added the Interstate 77
          section, it's got some really cool pictures, and alot of
          great info about the upcoming game.Of course there isn't 
          always news going around, so ill update this part whenever I
          find something worthy of sharing with you. And if you have 
          an announcement you would like to make go ahead and send it 
          to me and ill put it up. You can get to me throughe-mail at:
 or if you have ICQ my number is 2017626.
          Im just throwing this page together quickly so its gonna look
          much better in a few days! 

Captain Gram