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Downward Spiral
Woowee, i enjoyed this map! I really cant tell you why though, cause im not sure myself (go figure :) . I suppose it could be used for fighting or racing, but i played it 1 player and enjoyed it. Its a challenge to get to the top and out of the pit. Can you do it?
Gram's Kart
Here is a great racing map! Since its 2000 feet off the ground it dosent make the best fighting map though :) But the elevated track makes for excellent racing conditions. Be on the lookout for a shortcut that may, or may not be worth it. If its high speed racing you seek this map gives you plenty of it!
Drug Bust
Ok this is a fun map. It was designed for cops and robbers games but works great for normal fighting games. This map isnt about tough driving, its designed to be the ultimate fighting map. I think youll like it.
(Code Name MP)
This map features the highest jump on any I76 map, I promise. Its also a good fighting map with some wicked drops and cool terrain. If your looking for an intresting drive and a fun battle, look no further!
Thrill Show
This is a map made for the people who like jumps. It has a long jump, high jump, a jump arena, a nice size drag strip, and a great town. While this map is fun for jumping the way it is laid out makes it ideal for fighting as well. There is something for everyone on this map.

My personal favorites!
Bordertown TX
76 Precinct
Steeple Chase
Doom Valley
Cactus Jack's

Well I hope you like the maps, I know I did! if you have any problems with this web page E-MAIL me! If you dont have any problems but just want to say hi E-MAIL me! I love MAIL! Keep it coming in! :)

Captain Gram