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Da' Boss


Well you've arrived! You are now at the gangs section where you will find many a gang willing to take you on as their newest member. I think gangs are great fun and they provide the opportunity for people to get together and kill unsuspecting victims. I am currently in a gang. It's called [tbp] Texas Border Patrol. We all drive modified cop cars and kill vigilante scum. Check us out! I believe we are still recruiting and we could always use some more dedicated cops. Of course if playing the good guy isn't your thing, check out the other gang links on this page and find one to call your home. In the game you can usually tell if someone is in a gang because after their name they will have [___] with the gangs initials inside. Please remember! When chosing a gang make sure you know if they are hacks or non hacks. Not finding out may leave you in a bad situation... Go find a gang to call your home and I'll see you in the game!

Sgt. Stadinko's I76 Cop Shop
This is the home of the gang i'm in [tbp]! Come check us out!
Men In Black
New Mexico Border Patrol
Disco Vigilantes
Grand Funk Highway
Dodge Scat Pack
The Avengers
76 Gas Station Workers
The Mod Squad
Repo Men
Magnum Force
Dark Angles
Voodoo Monkeys
Secret Service
Pimp Bots
Manta Clan
The Funk Warriors
The Usual Suspects
The Disco Bandits
Grease Monkeys
Los Bastardos
Metal Death
Killer Bees
Hells Gate
Interstate Highway Patrol
Repo Men
Wolf Team
Steel Cadets
Grumpy Old Men
Route '66ers
Texas Wraiths
Hit Men
Pony Car Drivers Association
Ghost Riders
The Humiliators
Funk Patrol
The Magnificent Bastards
The Road Warriors
USA Patroits
The Funkmen
Black Dragons
Back To The Future Gang
The Confederate Phats
Edge Racing
Texas State Police
Vertigo '76
Anti Hax
Springfield Automotive Club
Vigilante Stalkers
Immortal Outlawz
Riber Team
Children Of Satan

HEY! If you just started a new gang or you dont see your gang on my list then E-MAIL me with the name and address and I will put it up right away! Once again, if you have any comments or sugestions PLEASE E-MAIL me!

Captain Gram