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Sunday, March 1

- Coolness, this page has reached 1000 hits. Here's to many more!

- Ok I would have switched to my new server by now, but it seems the password they gave me isn't working :( So I'm contacting them and the whole thing will be worked out soon. I'll be on my new server and this place will go through some changes (good ones).

- Yay! I finally have access to the Activision FTP site, so now I too have have all those spiffy pics of building/units etc. Look for them to pop up around here soon.

Saturday, Febuary 28

- Over at the RTS-Zone they have some nice pics of Battlezone. Even a picture that makes a teriffic windows background!

- Looks like one of the beta testers uploaded Battlezone onto a Warez page somewhere. On the Battlezone HQ message board there has been alot of talk about pirated copys of BZ going around. I don't support that crap at all... Activision worked hard to make the game, you should pay for it. Not to mention the pirates are screwing up the beta test, which could lead to a worse game in the long run. If you know of a website that has a cracked version of BZ make sure to e-mail Activision so that they can get it taken down.

- Battlezone chat today was great. Mike Arkin actually showed up about 20 mintues early. We had some good discussions. If you wern't there you missed out on some great stuff...

- Make sure you are here at 3pm Pacific: EFNet channel = #battlezone There is going to be some good information unveiled, and you can ask Mike Arkin questions. Don't miss it!

Friday, Febuary 27

- Today Voodoo Power has a nice interview with Jonathan Moses, tomorrow they talk with Mike Arkin. Fun stuff, go read it!

- Pardon our mess... Alot of the pages on here might look a little screw, and won't be working for the next few days. Hang in there as I switch this page over to it's new server. Then we'll be back and better then ever!

- Well like I guessed below, the disappearance of Battlezone HQ was to make room for the beautifull new look! An excellent job they have done, it looks great!

- Battlezone HQ gone missing! Thats correct, at 10:00pm Eastern time I tried to go to Battlezone HQ, and nothing was there! I got a message about this Activision page dosen't exist or is outdated... What could have happened? It's anyones guess. Maybe a pretty new surprise website for us to visit? Hopefully :) I'll keep you up to date, and tell you when it comes back. Also you may notice that some pictures and stuff on this site aren't working. Because they were all linked form the BZ HQ page. I'm in the process of moving my site to so it won't be a problem much longer.

Thursday, Febuary 26

- Mike Arkin wants to remind everyone about the Battlezone chat this saturday at 3:00pm Pacific. Topics this week are the map editor, and finishing up the game, be there!

- Over at Area-S they have a neat preview of the first few Soviet missions, screenshots included!

- Be sure you check out this quick blurb with George Collins all about Balancing the game.

Wendsday, Febuary 25

- Sorry for the late update today, there isn't much going on. Activision seems to be sleeping on the job, and I got myself a new game. You may know that Battlezone is built on a modified Interstate 76 engine. Well, Interstate 76 happens to be my very favorite game, and the sequal, The Interstate 76 Arsenal came out today. I was playing it pretty much all afternoon. I strongly reccomend it to everyone!

Tuesday, Febuary 24

- Today I received this e-mail from Activision:

Are you a trigger-fingered action gamer?

Strategic mastermind ready to be promoted to five star general?

No matter what your style, Activision's Battlezone delivers what you want: a hard-core action shooter that joins with real-time strategy for one killer game. You can check out the demo right now at ( ).

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what Ultimate PC Magazine (U.K) had to say in the first worldwide review of the game:

"...this new title is simply one of the best games I have ever seen." (February 1998)

If you decide that Battlezone is the game for you, be sure to head to your nearest Babbage's or Electronics Boutique store for a special pre-order offer. If you preorder the game before game launch (about mid-March) at one of the 500 Babbage's stores, you'll receive a FREE Official Battlezone Key Command mousepad with your $10 deposit.

At Electronics Boutique, pre-orders before game launch will receive a special CD containing an expanded Battlezone demo, exclusive Dark Reign missions, bonus playable demos and trailers of other games from Activision. Offer valid at approximately 450 Electronics Boutique stores.

And coming soon ... look to your local CompUSA store for more pre-order special offers.

Keep coming back for more ... we've only just begun!

Hmmmm... seeing how I have a mouse pad the suits me fine, and I missed out on the beta test, I think I will be giving Electronics Boutique a call

- The long awaited beta test area has arrived! Now called the Action-Strategy Wars section it gives you a list of everyone on each team. Soon it will have reports of battle outcomes and more.

- The Battlezone strategy area has arrived! Today on the official site designers talk all about the weapons of the game and how to use them effectivelly. This is good stuff, have a look!

- New movies are coming soon! Arriving shortly are more movies of the weapons in action. Stay tuned, and I will keep you up to date.

- This letter from Robert Zeigler got to me today:

1) For the record, the Rave Gun has been toned down in the latest patch. It still gives off just as much damage (one direct hit can blow a flanker [scout] to smithereens) but it only fires half as rapidly as it did in the first patches (and the demo). The techno music is still there though. :)

2) When you get close to buildings now, you hear sounds relating to that building. For example:

When near the following buildings, you hear the following sounds:

BARRACKS: People chattering loudly
CAFETERIA: People chattering loudly and some plates banging around
POWER PLANTS: Electric hums
LAUNCH PADS: Eery low droning sounds...
HEADQUARTERS: Low rumbles and "high-tech, circuity" sounds

As you are aware, there are many more types of buildings, and each has their own distinct sound.

And finally...

3) I found this #2 on this list out because of this: in the latest patch, there is a new training mission called 'The Playground'. I think it's basically just a level where you get to build every unit in the game and get experience in building a base. I heard the sounds in #2 when examining the "dummy" Soviet base the mission sets up for you. I mean "dummy" as in "not real", i.e. "for training purposes only". :)

That training mission proved invaluable because I actually got the opportunity to try new strategies and weapons.

-Robert Zeigler

- Woohoo! I have been hosted! Many thanx to Ultimate Gaming Corp for hosting me and Rapala of the Battle Arena for pointing me in their direction. With all this stuff going on there are going to many good things happening. No more annoying ad pop up window, everything on the site will be on my new server, not taken from activisions page, and I have a new name planned for it, maybe even a new main logo. So stay tuned, I'll be switching the page over soon, when I get all the info from Ultimate Gaming.

Monday, Febuary 23

- Designer George Collin talks about Battlezone at the GameSpot Designer Diary

- Part 2 of the interview with Joseph Donaldson has been put into the Activision site. Read it here: Team Talk

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