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- Ahh everyone loves rules! And I've got plenty of them for you so hang on tight and read or it's gonna cost you some money! Here's the deal with EMS... Bottom line, we save lives (or try to) but saving lives dosen't come cheap! We have to pay for gas, land, our building, and of course our fleet of cars. As I'm sure you can imagine this stuff can be quite expensive, so we need to get some money coming our way every now and then. Our mission is to save lives, and when we can save a life, we are rewarded with the knowledge that we did something important that day. Someone attacking you? As long as your not in trouble with the law, we will do our best to save you while you escape. Heres the catch though... When you die we have to charge you. Every time you die in a NRPG game while we are there in one of our official cars, you are forced to pay a medical/burial fee to EMS at a charge of $500 dollars a death. To be serious for a sec here... This is mostly to keep people from pressing contrl alt x to escape the cops or whatever. Maybe you will think twice before doing this any more. So fight to stay alive because death is an ugly (and expensive) thing!

EMS Members Rules

1) You may only speed when someone is in trouble or they are calling for help or they just died.
2) Feel free to take shortcuts through offroad terrain or anywhere else you might need to go. Remember the faster you can get to the patient, the faster you can save them...
3) Ignore cops when they demand you too pull over. As with rules one and two, this only applys in emergency situations and this privliage is NOT to be abused. After you clean up the scene of the crash, report back to see what the cop wanted.
4) CIV's first! If there are multiple people in danger, you must try to save innocent civilians first! Cops knew the job was dangerous when they took it, and Vigilianties are law breakers. They still need and deserve medical attention, but you ALWAYS help civilians first!
5) When on duty you must have (EMS) after your name. When off duty you should have (CIV) after your name.
5) When not in an emergency situation follow the normal NRPG rules.
6) After you leave the scene of a crash, make sure you write down the name of the person that died, we've got $500 bucks comming to us!

Dr. Gramster - Hospital Director
Valdes, Texas
United States