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- Welcome to the Emergency Medical Services, better known as the EMS. When your driving down the road, you can rest assured that in a crash your life will be in our hands! Arn't you a lucky guy? Anyways make sure you check the rules page, because the services we perform are not an option, in a life or death situation, we have to act fast and don't worry we WILL bill you fast later. Ignorance is no excuse so don't even try to get out of paying your medical fees. And remember we warned you...

Sunday, March 29

- Anyone out there feel like saving lives? Makes you look like a hero, and the chicks dig it! Sign your life away and apply now!

- I am in the process of securing a patent on the ambulance. After all, not just anyone can cruise in style... You've gotta work for the EMS!

- I'm getting everything on the website working/looking nice. Hope to officially launch today or tomorrow!

Dr. Gramster - Hospital Director
Valdes, Texas
United States