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- Feb 11 - 15

Last week:

Sunday, Febuary 22

- Uh oh... I tried to upload a file today and was shocked to see the message, "upload failed, insufficient space in your tripod account". Anyway I heard from the guy at the Ultimate Gaming Corp. and he said he liked my site, and would get back to me with more info. Well, thats a step in the right direction :) I am continuing to check out other places as well, so that I can get the best deal.

- It's Sunday and everything is dead at the Activision site. Oh well, it's their day off, I hope they enjoy it cause I'm dieing here without news!

Saturday, Febuary 21

- If you checked any of the sections with pictures recentally then you probablly noticed none of the pics worked! This is due to the fact that I link most of my pics from Activision, and they changed their address for the pics. Why link from Activision you ask? Well... I'm running this whole website on about 200kb so I don't have the freedom to just upload every pic I want. I am still searching for someone to host this site. Know of a good company? E-mail me: Captain Gram

- Keep in mind, the IRC chat is today at 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific. Just join #battlezone on EFNet and talk, talk, talk! I might not be there because I am hoping to pick up my sweet new 12mb Voodoo2 card today, and if it's in the stores today, I won't be hanging around for the chat. I'm sure you understand :)

- Woh, sorry about yesterday everyone. Tripod was screwing up and I was unable to update. Anyways I went back and added all of yesterdays news, for your reference.

Friday, Febuary 20

- New beta patch! I don't have the beta myself (but I'm working on getting it) so nobody tells me where to get this new patch. I know it's on the Activision ftp somewhere, happy hunting.

- Activision says they have BIG changes in mind for the website. All new sections and more. They said if they get 50% of it done soon, you will be very happy! Lets hope they keep their word this time.

- Strategies were put on hold for the weekend, busy day at the office, they just didn't get to it.

- Three new units on the Battlezone page today. Meet the scavanger, mine layer, and grizzly, all American units. Take a peek in the units section.

- No more music! The midi is gone, don't expect it to be grating through your head again anytime soon.

Thursday, Febuary 19

- Tomorrow on the Battlezone site they will be talking about strategies in the game. From weapons to buildings, they will cover it all. Check it out to learn the ways to conquer space and beyond! :)

- A new chat was added to the Activision production journal. This time it's about the games interface and how it came to be. Read it here: New Chat

- All the feedback I have gotten about the midi so far has been negative, so unless I get a rush of letters saying they love it, look for it to be gone tomorrow. E-mail me with your thoughts on it: Captain Gram

- I am looking for someone to host this site. What does this mean for you? Well first of all that little add window that we have all grown to hate won't be popping up anymore. Also I will have more space, compared to the 2mb tripod is giving me. So maybe in the next few weeks I will get picked up and I will transfer over to a better server.

- Apperantelly the updates to the Battlezone page were not finished completelly last night. There have been further changes in the layout. Have yourself a look: Battlezone HQ.

- Added the midi that you should be hearing right now. What do you think? It's 22kb, does that make for much longer loading time? Do you like it or is it just plain annoying? Please tell me, depending on what I hear it stays or goes. E-mail me: Captain Gram

Wendsday, Febuary 18

- WOW! The new site design is out and I must say I'm impressed! The thing I like the most is the new pictures. They are a mix of the original battlezone, with the new battlezone, and they look awesome! The only downside to the new site is that it seems to be optimized for the 1024 x 768 resolution. But overall I like the changes. Well, what are you waiting for, go look at the pretty new design here: Battlezone Heh this post just got in todays news in the nick of time. I put this in at 11:58pm :) And remember, you heard it here first!

- Battlezone and Starcraft to be released the same day? Well thats true according to Electronics Boutique. In their coming soon section, both games are slated to be released March, 10. I doubt this will be the final shipping dates, but if they were to ship the same day... Battle of the titans?

- Well the guys who work on the Battlezone web site promised us that today they will be working their butts off to get that new site done. What does this mean? Hopefully we should see the beta test page up tomorrow, and the new site design by the end of the week.

- Activision is probablly having a good laugh today. The new beta section on the Battlezone web site still hasn't arrived. I can just imagine them... heh, we fooled those guys again, they will fall for anything. I'm joking of course!

- Yippe, World of Battlezone is celebrating it's one week aniversary! Sure this isn't really news, but on a slow day like this I'll use anything :)

Tuesday, Febuary 17

- The Battle Arena has a whole new look. With frames, new logo and more... check it out.

- New sketches were put up on the Battlezone site today. I've added them to the pictures section.

- Woh! I was visiting the local Electronics Boutique today and I spotted the Battlezone box in the coming soon area. I can't say that I really like it, the choice of colors is "unflattering", but it certainly does grab your attention. It has a nice picture on it, and the rest of it is neon green. I'll try to see if I can get a picture of it from somewhere for you to see.

- On the Activision web site there was a mention of a new site design. Fear not, untill the new site launches, the old one will stay up to keep you informed.

- I am toying with the idea of making a Battlezone art section. As more becomes available, I was thinking it would be nice to have one area where you can view it all. Any thoughts or suggestions? E-mail me...Captain Gram

- There is supposed to be some new art on the Battlezone web site today. While I didn't spot any myself, if you do a little snooping you might find it somewhere.

- A disappointment today, still no sign of the beta test page. Hopefully it was delayed to make it better for when it launches. I'll keep you up to date.

- Allright, I got noticed by Activision. (maybe it was the 5 e-mails I sent them) Anyway go check out what they said on their site. LOOK HERE!

Monday, Febuary 16

- On the official Battlezone message board, Activision took some time and answered alot of messages today. They had seemed to have gone "missing" for awhile without answering anyone on the board. But if you posted a message their recentally, check back, it was probablly answered.

- As I suspected, the Activision site will NOT be updated today, and the new section devoted to the beta test will NOT appear today. However I expect tomorrow Activision will be back on the job, and the new site will arrive. Expect it to have extensive coverage of everything going on with the beta test.

- Looks like Activision is laying down on the job today. It's Monday and no site update. But I suppose since it's a national holiday, we can forgive them :)

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