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Battlezone Movies
Battlezone Intro movie
Check this out! Movies straight from the game! And also the Battlezone Intro movie. Download them all, it's worth it!

Pick your method:
  • Downloadable .avi (8.8MB zipped; 1 min. 46 sec.)
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  • RealVideo
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    Preview .avis:

  • Preview/trailer (5.2MB; 55 seconds)
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    If you don't have the latest version of the RealPlayer, download it now

    Weapon Movies
    View these killer weapons in action.
  • Weapon Name Weapon Function
    MAG (Magnetic Acceleration Gun)
    The MAG Cannon is a magnetic acceleration gun that fires highly condensed balls of magnetic energy. With its range of 250 meters, the gun must first be charged before it can fire. The amount of charge will determine the kind of projectile used and the amount of damage that the projectile will deliver. Charging the weapon for 4 seconds delivers the maximum energy impact, infliciting 400 points worth of damage to the target.
    SITE (Sensory Image Terrain Exposing) Camera
    The SITE Camera is an x-ray device that allows a pilot to see through terrain. The device has a range of 100 meters. Any terrain feature outside the camera's range will not become transparent.
    The Rocket Bomb
    Packed with explosives, the Rocket Bomb delivers a mighty wallop. It's a heavy, slow-moving rocket that sacrifices speed and finesse for devastating impact power.
    187 Standard Mini Gun
    The Mini Gun is a rapid-fire, small projectile machine gun. The shedder reound is an armor-piercing projectile that creates a bright orange line and a high-pitched "hissing" sound as it travels through the air. It is particularly devastating against infantry and nonmoving targets.
    The Splinter (Death Wheel)
    The Splinter is a mortar that detonates the instant that it comes in contact with an enemy vehicle and does normal mortar damage, but does not detonate when it strikes terrain. Instead, it bounces on the terrain until it comes to a stop, whereupon it launches 2 meters into the air and fires 72mm AP projectiles in a clockwise rotation. The Splinter will spray an area with projectiles for 5 seconds.

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