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Saturday, Febuary 14

- Battlezone chat going on today. Log onto #battlezone on efnet. As usual you need mIRC to access the chat.

- Got this juicy bit of news from Battle Arena. It appears that the map editor planned for Battlezone is on the beta disc. To access it Go into Battlezone by typing Bzone /edit in a dos type area. C:\ProgramFiles\Activision\Battlezone\>Bzone /edit Then start a game and press Ctrl-E, and there you have it!

- The patch for beta testers mentioned below has now been released. To get it the "official way" requires having a FTP program, and following the instructions at the Battlezone site. But a much easier way to get it, is to just download it. Even though I don't have a beta disc I tried downloading it from Battle Arena and it seems to work just fine. So if you want, go ahead and get the patch here.

- Due to problems installing the first patch for the beta test activision will be realeasing a new one sometime tonight. The new patch is supposedly easier to install.

Friday, Febuary 13

- New screenshots released today from the official Battlezone site. The screenshot section has been updated accordingly.

- Yet another Battlezone news site has gone up, the competition is getting stiff out there. See for yourself at Battle Arena. Also added them to the links section.

- The new area related to the Battlezone beta test is going to be up at the official site on Monday.

- E-Mail went out to beta testers today saying that, the beta patch is out. If you are one of the lucky beta testers then you will have recieved this e-mail by now, so check your mailboxes. The e-mail will give more details on what to do.

Thursday, Febuary 12

- A new Battlezone website has gone up. Looks like a little more competition for me :) Check out Battlezone Center.

- A good new preview on Gaming Age today. Go have a look.

- A new IRC chat session with producer Mike Arkin was put up on the Battlezone site today.

- In case you didn't know, in the demo you can take screenshots by pressing Control + P together during gameplay. I'll be posting some pics that I took in the soon coming screenshots section.

- Over atZD Net, the Battlezone demo has been a big success with around 23,000 downloads so far. This is not taking into account the downloads from Gamespot, and the Adrenaline Vault and other download sites.

- In a letter to beta testers Activision had this to say... Hello! We just wanted to alert everyone that we've found a bug in the Battlezone build we sent which is causing major amounts of lag in multiplayer games. We are working feverishly on a patch, and will post it as soon as it's finished. Please be aware that Battlezone has an auto-patch facility built in, so to get patched all you'll have to do is log into the server - the rest will happen automatically. In the meantime, if you are experiencing any multiplayer lag problems, you may want to continue playing the single player portion of the game to "hone" your strategies. I'll continue to keep you posted, and will be soon be sending out more details on what you can do (besides having fun) to help us make the game even better. Peter -- Peter "Enjolras" Karpas Product Manager, Activision, Inc.

- Evan Lesser, Activision's art guru has made new banners for Battlezone. They are spread throughout the official Battlezone site. I'll have them up for you to see here soon.

- Activision is creating an area to report the results of their beta testing. It will cover how things are going, what bugs were found, and it will show the results of every single multiplayer match. It's supposed to be launched any time now, I'll keep you updated.

- Activision posted the final system requirements today. These are the ones that will be shipped on the box. Check them out now here:System Requirements and make sure your computer makes the grade. If not it might be time to do some upgrading :)

Wendsday, Febuary 11

- Well this page is open for buisness! I will put in all the sub-pages in a few days, and things will be running smoothly. Hope you enjoy the site!

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