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Interstate   77

A new stand-alone expansion of Activision's Interstate '76 is the Vigilante Files. Players can take on the role of Taurus, Jade and Skeeter in 20 new single-player missions as well as enjoy new multi-player options such as Capture the Flag and races. The pack includes nine new cars, new novelty vehicles (ambulances, limousine, jeep, a psuedo-Volkswagen and a hearse) as well as new weapons, support for force feedback, vehicle validation in multi-player games, and a brand new funky soundtrack with three new songs. The game's original engine has also been updated to support popular 3D chipsets such as the 3Dfx and the Rendition Verite, as well as any card that supports Direct3D. As you can tell from these screen shots, the new I'76 game doesn't take place in the deserts of the American Southwest, but in the more colorful and wooded landscapes of Colorado. A nice parallaxing sky has also been added, and the graphics have been overhauled and the software engine optimized. The single player game has twenty new solo missions and for the multi-player crowd there's thirty new deathmatch arenas. You don't need to play each solo mission in order; instead there are a handful of missions for each new character. If the mission turns out to be too hard, you can also switch your vehicles and your weapon allotment and re-enter the melee. Multi-player cheating should be reduced significantly, as the team has added new password protection schemes to the online component. Other multi-player options include a capture-the-flag and racing mode, and the ability to limit multi-player melees by weapon type and specific scoring totals. The Nitro Pack will be sold for $29.95 in March of next year. It is a fully stand-alone product, not requiring the original game to play, but if you do have the original Interstate '76, the add-on will upgrade the graphics and multi-play options for that game as well. All in all, the Nitro Pack looks like an excellent addition for any auto vigilante, and offers a host of options and values a bit above the average mission pack. And if you missed out on I'76 the first time around, this package will be a good, inexpensive way to get into the groove with the funkiest car wars game around.

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